Reporting in NAV

Making NAV reports was, to put it mildly, never an easy task. Developers and consultants had to struggle through a painstaking process. This was the inspiration to come up with Document Creator, reporting in NAV was never this easy!

Document Creator vs. other systems

Document Creator is built from the perspective of completely replacing RDLC all it’s shortcomings, with a more sophisticated reporting solution. Document Creator supplies a report converter only as a valuable additional option. Document Creator fully adopts the modern paradigm of separating data gathering and presentation with reporting in NAV. ForNAV still mixes building layouts and dataset design. To some the latter may sound as a feature, but in fact this violation of software design rules might just leave you with some very scary situations where you can easily make mistakes that mess up both layout and dataset.

Due to the structured dataset which Document Creator uses, it is much faster than ForNAV and memory usage is managed much better. This not only results in faster processing and printing, but is also a big advantage when it comes to larger datasets. Standard RDLC, and also the ForNAV solution which is built on top of standard RDLC, works with flattened datasets which can make it very hard for a client device to process larger reports.

Getting started with Document Creator

Editing in Document Creator layouts is very easy, however reporting in NAV from scratch, is although very time-saving and much more effective than other report designer tools, requires report building experience. This is why it is not recommended to start with creating a new Document  Creator Report from scratch, first take a look at some example layouts on this website and start learning by editing a copy of an existing Document Creator Reporting in NAV.

Please keep in mind that although Document Creator is very powerful, user friendly, flexible fast and time-saving, it is just a tool to represent the data. So, even with a great report layout designer, a good dataset (the NAV report object) stays essential.

Are you curious about reporting in NAV in combination with Document Creator? Please contact us!


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