NAV Report Converter

Document Creator is a NAV Report Converter which is built from the perspective of completely replacing RDLC all it’s shortcomings, with a more sophisticated reporting solution. Document Creator supplies a NAV Report Converter only as a valuable additional option.

Document Creator fully adopts the modern paradigm of separating data gathering and presentation, where other systems still mixes building layouts and dataset design. The latter may sound as a feature to some but in fact this violation of software design rules might just leave you with some very scary situations where you can easily make mistakes that mess up both layout and dataset. Prevent this and start working with Document Creator as your NAV Report Converter!

Performance and design

Due to the structured dataset which Document Creator uses as NAV Report Converter, it is much faster than other report converters and memory is managed much better. This not only results in faster processing and printing, but is also a big advantage  when it comes to larger datasets. A standard report converter like RDLC, and also the ForNav solution which is built on top of standard RDLC, are working with flattened datasets which can make it very hard for a client device to process larger reports.

Therefore Document Creator as designer is a rich and proven product. The large install base of our NAV Report Converter makes that feedback produced by a vast amount of software developers and an even bigger amount of users has been gathered and used to strengthen the product.

With Document Creator building reports is almost fun. Whether you are a developer, a consultant or an end user, anyone can make changes. You no longer need in-depth knowledge. All you need is working within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This NAV Report Converter is a fully functional .NET report designer for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, compatible with NAV2015 and up.

Are you curious about the possibilities or do you just want more information? Please don’t hesitate and contact us!


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