DSA Global Solutions (NL)

“Lately, we have migrated several customers from older Microsoft Dynamics NAV versions to version 2017. Each time, the conversion of the existing reports to NAV 2017 and creating new RDLC layouts with Visual Studio turned out to be very labor-intensive (and costly for our customers). When we started the project for the migration of a client with more than 100 reports, many with a complicated layout, we knew we needed a better solution than RDLC.

In Document Creator, we have found a solution that allows us to quickly and easily convert the existing old NAV reports and also to create new ones. For example, adding a field to the header or to the lines on the invoice layout in RDLC, using Visual Studio, takes a long time. But with Document Creator, you can do this in just a few minutes. Lately, for a particular client, we made an invoice, a credit note, an order confirmation and a packing slip from scratch in less than one day. This would have been impossible with Visual Studio and RDLC; it would have taken a couple of days instead. Without exaggerating, Document Creator saves us up to 75% development time in each project.

One of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV has always been that the application can be adapted to the customer’s needs for a relatively small investment. That makes it hard to explain to the customer that he has to invest a lot of money for a seemingly standard project as migrating to the latest NAV version just because the conversion of his existing reports is such a time consuming job with RDLC. Document Creator has solved that problem for us.”

DSA Global Solutions - reference The Netherlands