Classic report converter Navision

Document Creator is a classic report converter Navision. Document Creator is built from the perspective of completely replacing RDLC all its shortcomings, with a more sophisticated reporting solution. It supplies a Classic Navision Report Converter only as a valuable additional option.

This classic report converter for Navision fully adopts the modern paradigm of separating data gathering and presentation, where other systems still mixes layouts and dataset design. The latter may sound as a feature to some but in fact this violation of software design rules might just leave you with some very scary situations where you can easily make mistakes that mess up both layout and dataset. Prevent this and start working with Document Creator as your classic report converter for Navision!

Document Creator is the best report converter for Dynamics NAV. It saves huge amounts of  time and money on report development:

  • Save more than 50% of development time compared to RDLC
  • Modern separation of dataset and layout
  • No limitations compared to RDLC, just much more possibilities
  • A real-time interactive report viewer with actual data
  • Also supports classic report conversion
  • Exports to several output formats (including PDC, Excel and Word)
  • Report execution minimal twice as fast compared to RDLC
  • Based on FastReports (used since 1998 in over 50 countries and over 20K users)
  • Smoothly use side by side with RDLC (no desinvestments on existing RDLC reports)
  • Fully integrated in Dynamics NAV

Besides that Document Creator is a really good classic report converter for Navision, it is also as designer a rich and proven product. The large install base of our classic report converter (the same component is used in many other software solutions from vendors like SAP, Nokia and IBM) makes that feedback produced by a vast amount of software developers and an even bigger amount of users had been gathered and used to strengthen the product.

Are you looking for a classic report converter for Navision? Please contact us, would like to see what we can do for you!


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