Document Creator is all about saving time in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We are proud to announce that a new version of Document Creator has been released which facilitates this even better, bringing new features, updated templates and various bug-fixes!

This release includes a variety of new features for both application and report designer. An overview:

+ BC 2019 release Wave 2 version.
+ Added French (fr-FR) and German (de-DE) translations (BC15)
+ Added Serial Number field to Document Creator Setup page
* Deprecated OverrideReportAction option in Export Profiles (BC15)
* Updated End-User License Agreement (EULA)
– Fix: Edit Comment action would still edit comment after Cancel
– Fix: Field mismatch in Custom Report Layout Archive
– Fix: wgFncGetPaymTermsTrl and wgFncGetShipmMethodTrl should return Text[100]
– Fix: ToDo field for translation record with Default Translation Language Code not updated when Default Translation is provided
– Fix: ToDo Exists field only applied to Tag instead of Tag and Report ID
– Fix: Creating Default Translation while updating LastUsed throws an error
– Fix: Only check for Editor License when editing Document Creator layouts (BC14)

+ Standalone Document Creator Report Designer (for BC15)
+ Dedicated Document Creator file extensions (e.g., Document Creator Design Files (.dcrd), Document Creator Layout Files (.dcrx)) (BC15)

Download version 3.64

You can download the new version here >>



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