Document Creator is all about saving time in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premise). We are proud to announce that a new version of Document Creator has been released which facilitates this even better, through various small improvements and fixes.

This new minor release includes various small (but nonetheless valuable!) improvements and fixes for both application and report engine. An overview:

New Application Features

New Business Central Fall ’18 Version

With this new release, Document Creator is now also available for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Fall ’18 (On Premise) release. With this release, Document Creator is still offered as objects that can be imported in C/SIDE instead of objects in an extension. The extension is already finished as well, but cannot be packaged as a Release version yet, which is due to a bug in Business Central that will only be resolved with an upcoming Cumulative Update. After this update is available, a new Document Creator release will follow.

The Demo version of the Document Creator extension, however, has already been made available for download on our website for you to explore and see what is coming with the next release!

Note: With the Business Central C/SIDE version of Document Creator there is now only a single object that needs merging!

+ Implemented an Add-In cache clearing mechanism, which automatically restores the cache if any problems are detected.
+ Allow “Restore Layout” of a layout from the archive in the web client.
+ Improved support for running extension-defined reports with DCR layout (fixed issue with retrieving file name; NAV2018 and up).
+ Added UsageCategory to pages that should be searchable in the BC web client.
* Allow the following actions from the BC web client: import/export report packages, requesting license- and version information, hide/disable actions in the BC web client like editing layouts and opening C/SIDE.
– Made it possible to use the “Copy” action to copy a layout for an extension-defined report (NAV2018 and up).
– Fixed issue preventing extensions to be published by checking for GUIALLOWED in the function that is called on start.
– Fixed issue with missing XMLPart after copying layout, causing an error on using the “Edit Layout” action.
– Fixed bug in retrieving printer name while executing a report from the server in the background.
– Pass GLOBALLANGUAGE as report parameter for support files as well.
– Apply XML Date formatting to produce the names of the files in a support file.
– Lock layout-record when a layout is being edited in the designer with data.
– Leave ‘editing mode’ when the designer could not be opened (e.g., due to an invalid license).

New Designer Features

+ Enabled the option to print a range of pages from the windows printer dialog.
– Fix for some printer settings not being applied from the windows printer dialog.

Download version 3.51

You can download the new version here >>


In this blog, we would also like to shortly highlight the answer to a question frequently asked in the past few months, which is the following:

“How do we use a table field added through an extension in a Document Creator layout?”
Well, the answer is: the same way you would do this if your report object would be using any other layout type. That is, the field needs to be added to your report object, or in other words, the dataset of the report, to be usable within your layout.

One important thing to note: This means that the report object needs to be defined in an extension as well. This can either be in the same extension that adds the table field in question (that is, if you have access to the source and think the report belongs in the same extension), or, in another extension that has a dependency on the extension that adds the field (using the dependencies property in the app.json file of the extension).

Then, with the extension that contains the report object installed, you can navigate to the Custom Report Layouts (Document Creator) page, choose the “New…” action, and insert a new Document Creator layout in the same way as you would do for any other report:

Then, if you select the layout and open the Document Creator Designer (for example, using the “Edit Layout” action), you will see your extension field is now available to use in your layout:



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