Document Creator is all about saving time in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We are proud to announce that a new version of Document Creator has been released which facilitates this even better, bringing new features, updated templates and various bug-fixes!

This release includes a variety of new features for both application and report designer. An overview:

New Application Features

Updated Report Templates and Translation Package

The W1-based report templates have been updated. This includes the following changes:
• The new “PackageDCR350_Translations” package includes caption translations for the following language codes: DEU, ENG, ENU, FRA and NLD.
• Date-fields have been added to the report datasets.
• Various labels have been added and updated.
• Removed CopyLoop_GroupFooter-band for resetting page numbers (no longer needed).
• Added new report template: 72110 R117 Reminder DCR.

New Export Settings
The “Document Creator Export Profile” page has been extended with the following settings:
• In the General tab you can find a new setting “Default Report Action”. The possible options for this setting are “Standard”, “Save as PDF”, “Save as Word”, and “Save as Excel”. If set to anything other than “Standard”, report layouts with the export profile will always be exported to the selected format, overriding the action of the “Override on” setting.
• In the PDF Export Settings tab you can find new settings for SVG images in PDF exports. Also, there is a new “Interactive Forms” setting for saving to Interactive/Fillable PDF Forms.
• In the Word Export Settings tab there is a new setting for paragraph-based Word exports.

Report Package Import Action Setting
By default, a report package export contains both layouts and report objects. The Document Creator Setup page already had the option to change this behavior using the “Report Package Layouts Only” setting. Now you also configure what to do when a report package is imported using the new “Report Package Import Action”. The available options for this setting are “Import Layouts and Objects” (default), “Import Layouts Only” and “Show Option Dialog”. Note that selecting the last option will show a dialog at each import to let you choose.

Creating RDLC Conversion Support Files
A new action has been added to the RDLC Report Layout Conversion page for creating support files. This action will create a ZIP file which includes files for the RDLC-layout and the corresponding report data schema. The resulting support file can be supplied to the support-desk when you have questions about the conversion of a specific RDLC report layout.

• Implemented a safeguard to avoid the deletion of the Document Creator DLL files and resources from the Add-in folder while the NAV client is running. This resolves infrequently occurring error messages about missing assemblies or dependencies.
• Added a separate warning message to inform one when the grace period for using a customer DCR product key together with a partner NAV license has expired.
• Fixed bug resulting in the error “NavInStream not initialized…” on Edit Layout (without data).
• Added action “Download Designer Demo” to the Document Creator Setup page.
• Added global function wgFncSaveReportAs that can be used as an alternative to the built-in REPORT.SAVEAS functions in Dynamics NAV (N.B., particularly for the SAVEASEXCEL function).
• Excluded Document Creator custom report layouts from Data Upgrade in Document Report Mgt.

New Designer Features

New Commands for Moving Bands

You can now change the indentation of Data Bands by right-clicking a band and selecting “Add / move Band | Indent left” or “Add / move Band | Indent right”. This will change the band to become the prior sibling of its parent band, or change it to become the detail band of its first sibling band, respectively.

The new commands are also available from the “Configure bands…” menu. This menu also offers an additional “Flatten bands” option that can be used to move a collection of detail bands to the same indentation level as their parent band.

SVG Objects
With the update of the report engine, it is now possible to use Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) documents in report layouts. This allows you to add pictures to which one can infinitely zoom in with the picture still retaining its smoothness. You can assign data columns from your dataset to an SVG Object in your report layout in the same way as with regular picture objects.

Interactive Forms
The “Editable” property has been added to TextObject and CheckBoxObject components, which produces editable text- and checkmark fields when exporting your report to interactive PDF forms. The components that have this Editable property can also be edited directly in the Preview window.

+ Considerably improved the RDLC converter’s speed through various optimizations.
+ Added error severity for RDLC conversion rules to distinct between critical and non-critical errors.
+ Added error source information in error/warning messages from the RDLC converter.
– Fix in the RDLC converter to be compatible with the recent update to the 2016 report definition in NAV2018.
– Fix in the RDLC converter for incorrect conversion of the “Hidden” property in some situations.
– Fix in the RDLC converter to recursively convert expressions that use the ReportItems dictionary.
– Fix in the RDLC converter for converting single-parameter GetData/SetData expressions.
– Miscellaneous improvements in the RDLC converter, including extended conversion of expressions that make use of aggregate functions.
– Fix in the classic report converter: Add statements for computing totals in the correct OnAfterGetRecord trigger based on the origin of the field or usage of the variable.
– Fix in the classic report converter: Add code for skipping the generated summary data-items to account for the PrintOnlyIfDetail property of the original data-items.
– Fix in the classic report converter: Disabled setting the VisibleExpression for TransHeader and TransFooter bands.

+ Improved commands for moving bands up or down, allowing bands with (group)header-bands to be moved as well.
+ Added button for clearing all datasources and relations in the “Data” window.
+ When the PrintOnBottom property value of a band is changed, the other bands are updated accordingly.
+ On use of the “Create Total…” command, the reset-band of the total will now automatically be initialized.
+ After changing a total name using the “Edit Total…” command, selected TextObjects are automatically updated.
+ Added separate text for error messages caused by errors in visible expressions of data bands.
+ Made switch between classic and hierarchical tree view possible from the Data window.
+ Moved the “PrintOn” property from Basic to Advanced/All properties.
+ Added “dd-MM-yy” and “dd-MM-yyyy” as standard format options for Text objects.
+ Show Datasources as root in tree-view if the relation to their parent Datasources are invalid.
+ Improved error message for failed XML character validation of dataset contents.
+ Added pagination in the “View Data…” window, while still allowing editing.
– Fixed bug in linebreak-tag (“br”) being ignored in inline HTML-rendering.
– Fixed bug in encoding of character “;” for Code128 barcodes.
– Fix for potential crashes through the Data window (e.g., on saving a total with a “.” in its name)
– Fix for potential crash on adding a Parameter through the Parameters property of a Datasource
– Fix for potential crashes through the View Data functionality when focus is lost from the Data window.

Report Core Engine Updated to 2018.2
Version 2018.2.11
+ added print of unlimited pages on roll printers (ReportPage.PrintOnRollPaper property)
– fixed image size calculation for rotating SVG object
+ added possibility to set default script language
+ added possibility to disable saving prepared report in Preview (PreviewExports.Prepared element)
* improved image caching method for SVG object
– fixed bug when all exports should be disabled in Preview (PreviewControl.PreviewExports == PreviewExports.None) but Excel 97, ZPL and LaTeX exports are enabled
+ SVGObject exports as vector graphics into PDF now
+ added a new tab “Vector Graphics” to export pdf, you able to set the quality of gradients, gradients interpolation and curves interpolation for SVG object and fonts in curves
* improved paragraph based export in Word 2007
* reduced size of output file in Word 2007 (duplicate images are not saved)
* export in Word 2007 in paragraph based mode saves the document without pagination
* added converting to Number format for Excel2007 export
– SVGObject exports as SVG into HTML now
– fixed bug with screen resolution in Word 2007 export
– fixed bug with paragraph formatting in Word 2007 export
– fixed bug with wrong size of “unlimited” page in Word 2007
Version 2018.2
+ added SVGObject into main library FastReport.dll
+ added compatibility with Fips Algorithm Policy (with limitations: encryption of PDF export, encryption of report)
+ added an event indicator for objects and bands, a small triangle in the upper left corner; this feature can be enabled or disabled in the designer settings (disabled by default)
+ added a new tab of the designer’s settings: “Objects appearance”
– fixed import from rdl 2010 report template
+ added property RichTextObject.ConvertRichText for conversion the RichText in text objects on exporting (experimental)
+ added paragraph based export in Word 2007 (experimental), property Word2007Export.ParagraphBased
* increased speed of export to CSV
* increased speed of export to PDF
– fixed bug with removing the last character of each row when exporting to CSV without separator
– fixed bug with text resources in FTP export
– fixed bug with latin characters in interactive PDF in Chrome
– fixed bug with large size of PDF files
– fixed bug with transparent background of cells in Excel 2007 export
– fixed bug with lines and shapes in layered Word 2007 export
– fixed bug with checkboxes in layered Word 2007
– fixed bug with default value Word2007Export.Wysiwyg
– fixed bug with opening exported files in Excel 2007
– fixed bug with slow export of reports with unlimited width or height
Version 2018.1
+ added the ability to change TextObject and CheckBoxObject in Preview when these objects have the Editable property
+ added Editable property for TextObject and CheckBoxObject
+ added Gauge editors, semi-radial gauges, added gradient fill to Pointer
* improved report generation speed with UseFileCache option
* improved selection of LineObject when zoom > 100%

+ added polygons and polylines to PowerPoint export
+ added ShiftNonExportable property indicating that the report bands should be shifted, if page has any non-exportable bands (Exportable = false)
+ added PreserveAspectRatio, UseWidthAndHeight and UseViewBox properties to SVG export
+ added forms export for pdf export, objects with the Editable property, will be exported as an input field
+ added export in ZPL (Zebra printers)
– fixed bug with multiple export from one export class instance
– fixed bug when exporting report from code with Report.MaxPages equal 1 or more
– fixed bug with ImageExport if report contains tables
– fixed bug with ampersand in links for Excel2007 export
– fixed bug with Word2007 export (black pages in OpenOffice)

Download version 3.50

You can download the new version here >>



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