Document Creator is all about saving time in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. And now it is also available for Dynamics NAV 2018.

Besides many improvements, this new NAV 2018 version comes with a new set of report templates, based on the following set of standard reports from the NA version of Dynamics NAV:
• R10072 Customer Statement
• R10074 Sales Invoice
• R10075 Sales Order
• R10121 Purchase Invoice
• R10122 Purchase Order
• R1401 Check
• R10401 Check (Stub/Stub/Check)
• R10402 Check (Stub/Check/Stub)

+ Added e-mail address to the Add-In installation page for product update notifications
+ Added message with request to restart the NAV client after Add-In installation
– Fixed error in lay-out name generation (i.e., “Copy of Copy of …”) on using the Copy Layout action

New Designer Features

Hierarchical Tree View

The “Data” window now offers a hierarchical view of the data-sources used by report lay-outs. This view reflects and visualizes the connections that exist between the data-items of your report-object.
This view also automatically separates the columns/fields and labels for all (parent) data-sources.
You also still have the option to switch back to the classic view through the “View > Options” menu

Hierarchical Tree View
Hierarchical Tree View options

HTML Rendering

The support for rendering HTML tags in Text objects has considerably been extended. You can enable HTML rendering in the Document Creator report designer by setting the HtmlType property of a Text object to “Advanced”. The extended functionalities comprise a larger set of HTML tags and the most-used CSS style attributes being supported. The fragment below shows an HTML excerpt from a Text object together with its rendered output, which show some of the new possibilities:

HTML Rendering
Enchanged reporting

+ Improved RDLC report lay-out conversion
+ Made visibility of trans-header and -footer dependent on detail data-bands as well
+ Added Barcode-specific properties as basic properties in the property grid
+ Added “Copy…” action to context-menu of totals
+ Totals are now automatically sorted in alphabetical order
+ Improved total generation through “Create Total…” action supporting more complex expressions
+ An informative message is shown when the schema of the dataset and report do not match
– Fix for the collate option and number of copies being ignored in the default Windows printer dialog
– Fix for the classic report converter: Set unique names for variables for OnPreSection triggers

Report Core Engine Updated to 2017.4

Version 2017.4.4

– fixed non-working search in preview

– fixed error when parameter with type double initialized by int value

– fixed bug with processing mouse event on PolyLineObject and PolygonObject toolbars

– fixed bug with SVG export to multiple files
– width and height replaced to vievBox in svg export
– fixed bug with exporting “borders” in PDF export when PrintOptimized=true

Version 2017.4

+ Trim property has been added for linear barcodes
+ Tag property has been added for all components
+ added saving of meta data (ReportInfo.Name, ReportInfo.Author, ReportInfo.Description,
ReportInfo.Created, ReportInfo.Modified, ReportInfo.CreatorVersion) in prepared report file
+ added RegisterData(DataSet data, bool enableAllTables) and RegisterData(DataSet data, string name, bool enableAllTables)
functions for registering DataSet and enabling all its tables
+ added possibility to access the Report.Dictionary without case sensitivity
+ added RadialGauge control
+ added SimpleProgressGauge control
– fixed wrong result for n.9999 values in NumToWords functions
– fixed bug with multi-thread preparing and using the cursors inside a report
– fixed borders for Gauges
– adjusted scale and pointer for SimpleGauge

+ added pagination in Data View Window
+ added Space to separators list in CSV connection
+ added possibility to open List and Label files with extensions crd, srt, inv, lab and let
+ added selecting previous file filter in open file dialog
– fixed bug with deleting of bands
– fixed bug with empty fields when connecting to CSV table
– fixed bug with space separator when connecting to CSV table
– fixed bug with strings without separator when connecting to CSV table
– fixed bug when viewing business object data
– fixed bug with null value of System.Guid instance
– fixed bug in PageColumns class when number of positions is not equal number of columns

+ added Word2007Export.RowHeight property with enum (Minimum, Exactly)
+ added converting to Percent format for Excel2007 export
+ added export in LaTeX (without pictures, works with XeLaTex)
– fixed bug with barcode duplicates in PDF export
– fixed bug with table cells duplicates in XAML, SVG exports
– fixed bug with tilde in Excel2007 export
– fixed bug with image duplicating in PDFExport
– fixed bug with Biff8 export from prepared report
– allowed export TextObjects with not default FontWithRatio to Excel 2007

Version 2017.3

+ added Intelligent Mail (USPS) barcode
+ added MaxiCode barcode
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.Tag
+ added property Report.ReportInfo.SaveMode
+ added support functions with optional parameters
* added thread-safe collections support for .net 4

+ added ability of multi-line editing of Report.ReportInfo.Description and Report.ReportInfo.Tag
– fixed bug with wrong width of different lines of border

+ added ability to embed any file in PDF export with methods: PDFExport.AddEmbeddedXML, PDFExport.AddEmbeddedFile
– fixed creating blank page after a table in RTF and Word2007 exports
– fixed bug with bands Exportable property
– fixed appearance of dates in Excel2007 export
– fixed bug with padding and height of text in PDF export
– fixed bug with black boxes in exports

Download version 3.40

You can download the new version here >>