Document Creator is all about saving huge amounts of time (and scarce resources) in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and up. With this new Release the Document Creator product facilitates this even better.

A well designed report dataset (the Dynamics NAV Report object) is still a developer activity. The document layout and (multi-language) labels however has become much less time consuming and much more flexible. Every person with limited reporting experience can create (or at least modify) Document Creator Report Layouts. Building report layouts is fun again!

With Document Creator, report layouts are no longer Dynamics NAV objects. Only the dataset is a Dynamics NAV object, the layout and the translations have become table data.

New Application Features

RDLC Report Layout Conversion

After the introduction of the Classic Report Converter, now it’s time for the next converter in Document Creator: the RDLC Converter. You can find the RDLC converter in the Document Creator menu:

For more info about the converter and how it works, refer this blog post.

Simplified Installation of Document Creator Add-in

The setup on the NST has become obsolete. If you start Document Creator and the dll’s are not found you get a question to install them. The dll’s will be automatically installed.

In the Document Creator Setup this function can also be triggered manually.

Code impact minimized on standard nav objects

The code in the objects that you have to merge is simplified to some hooks. Pages 9650 and 9651 are no longer modified by Document Creator. We have created are own copies of these pages: 11249665 & 11249666.

New Page Action “Fast Report Layout Selection”

With this function you can select all reports and set the Report Layout Selection.

Forced Printer Dialog

Due to some issues in the nav framework a printerdialog is not always displayed when needed. You can force this by adding a line of code in de OnOpenPage trigger of the request page.

Copy all translations

In the document translations module it is now possible to copy all the translations of a selected language.


+ If you delete a Custom Report Layout record, the related Report Layout Selections are also deleted
+ PDF Export profile is updated and extended with new options
– ExecuteReportOnServer on empty printername findprinter

New Designer Features

New Property LineHeightAuto

The LineHeightAuto property automatically determines the LineHeight based on the height TextBox.

Basic properties

In the property grid you can now switch between Basic and All properties. Basic properties gives you all the common and modified properties.


+ Support for the Media and MediaSet types in NAV 2017
+ Classic Converter: Add support for virtual tables
+ Classic Converter: Add support for OnPostSection triggers

Report Core Engine Updated to 2017.2
Version 2017.2
+ added new barcode: Pharmacode
+ added new option for images: Grayscale display mode
+ added ability to change the color of barcodes
+ added caching of compiled report script
– fixed bug with losing precision in totals
– fixed bug with enabled ReportPage.UnlimitedHeight and ReportPage.PrintOnPreviousPage
– fixed bug with null initialization in text objects
+ added support of Right-to-Left Interface (RTL)
+ added a new property to MSChartObject, that allows to use several series with automatic creation
+ added support of Right-to-Left Interface (RTL)
+ added mouse-relative zoom
+ added ability to insert images in original resolution when exporting to PDF
+ in the PDF export window added ability to select a color space
* improved quality of images in Excel 2007 export
+ added export in Excel 97-2003 (BIFF8)
* added converting to Date format for Excel2007 export
– fixed bug with blank pages in Excel 2007 export
– fixed bug in PDF and HTML exports with vertical position of text which height is bigger than object height
– fixed bug with metafile images in RTFExport
– fixed bug with Vertical Alignment = bottom in PDF export
– fixed bug in preview of CSV export with small amount of rows
– fixed bug with bold japanese fonts in PDF export
– fixed bug with Exportable property