Document Creator is all about saving huge amounts of time (and scarce resources) in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 and up. With this new Release the Document Creator product facilitates this even better.

A well designed report dataset (the Dynamics NAV Report object) is still a developer activity. The document layout and (multi-language) labels however has become much less time consuming and much more flexible. Every person with limited reporting experience can create (or at least modify) Document Creator Report Layouts. Building report layouts is fun again!

With Document Creator, report layouts are no longer Dynamics NAV objects. Only the dataset is a Dynamics NAV object, the layout and the translations have become table data.

Release 2.20 new features and fixes (after 2.10 SP1) include the following:

[NAV application]
+ Default Translation Language Code (Document Creator Setup)
+ Document Creator Setup & Export Profiles no longer per Company (DataPerCompany=No)
+ More convenient Report Layout Selection (from Custom Report Layout Page)
–  Error on non existing Document Creator Setup record

+ Font conversion ignore source font case (i.e. Times New Roman = Times new roman)
–  Error on lengthy multi language captions

+ multi select drag-n-drop items from the data window
+ New report band types with distinctive colors and behaviour (Header/Footer, TransHeader/Transfooter)
+ Add new report bands from context menu existing bands (+ more convenient add child band)
+ Totals: reset totals no longer on footer bands only, also reset on header bands possible
+ Convenient default report band naming on new bands
+ …

See all what’s new (pdf)