RDLC Convertor available in beta version DCR 3.29

After the introduction of the Classic Report Converter, it is now time for the next converter in Document Creator: the RDLC Converter.

Since the introduction of the Classic Report Converter, partners have been able to offer a much better business case to upgrade their customers from NAV 2009 classic to version 2015 and up. In many cases, these customers probably never would have upgraded without this tool because the alternative, manual conversion of – on average – 25 or even more reports, is extremely time consuming. This has made an upgrade to NAV 2015 and up simply too expensive for many customers. Thanks to the Classic Report Converter in Document Creator, it now just takes a few minutes to convert a report!

So everybody happy? No, unfortunately not. We have been receiving questions from partners and customers who were already on the path of RDLC, asking us how they could convert their RDLC reports to Document Creator. We listened and developed an RDLC Converter to help these partners and customers. We found that, for technical reasons, it is not possible to convert all RDLC reports with this new convertor. About 70% of the RDLC reports can be converted completely. For the other 30%, a partial conversion is possible. But this partial conversion will certainly give you a good start for your report conversion and will still save you a lot of time.

Although the new RDLC converter is not completely finished yet, a beta version is now available. If you are a NAV partner, we would like to invite you to test the beta and give us your feedback! You can download it here.

NOTE: This Beta Version only is available for partners and customers. A valid Document Creator License is required.