Document Creator is all about saving time in creating document report layouts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (On Premise and SaaS) and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We are proud to announce that a new version of Document Creator has been released which facilitates this even better, through various small improvements and fixes.

This new minor release includes various small (but nonetheless valuable!) improvements and fixes for the add-on. A complete overview of the changes in this release can be found in the “What’s New” document, also included with the download.

New Report Engine and Designer Features

This release includes an update of the report engine and report designer. In this version you can find the following new features:
• New properties: ExportableExpression and PrintableExpression. These properties can be used to specify a condition for objects to be shown when the report is exported (e.g., PDF/Word/Excel) or printed respectively.
• Support for PDF/A-1a.
• Copy & Paste or Drag & Drop text and images to create objects on the layout.

• Improvements on Font Embedding.
• ImageAlign property for PictureObjects.

• Various other fixes and improvements (see “What’s New”)

New Document Creator Export Profile Settings

The “Document Creator Export Profile” page has been extended with the following settings:

• In the PDF Export Settings tab, there is a new “PDF/A-1a” option for the PDF Compliance setting.

• In the Word Export Settings tab, there are two new settings:
o “Print Optimized” – Enable a resolution optimization.
o “Do not expand shift return” – Disable expanding spaces on lines ending with Shift + Return

• In the Excel Export Settings tab, the following new settings are available:
o “Print Optimized” – Enable a resolution optimization.
o “Split Pages” – Each report page is placed on a new Excel page.
o “Font Scale” – Sets a font scale value.
o “Print Scaling” – Sets the print scaling mode.

Download version 3.70

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