Last year at Directions North America Idyn launched a new product: Document Creator. Since then a lot has happened. License sales easily exceeded our targets, but the most interesting thing was that people were really surprised by the fact that we took that boring topic, which (RDLC) reporting is, and that we made it into something which is fun again!

Birthday at Directions

Now, a year later, they are back at Directions and the main topic again is Document Creator. Martijn Knevel, General Manager at Idyn: “We really believe in this product and we see that our partners do the same. Over the past 12 months we received lots and lots of feedback from those partners. Feedback which we used to make the product better and more complete. We now see that at the age of 1, this is really a grown up product which is here to stay.”

Speed up your upgrades

Having a hard time getting your upgrade projects approved? These is a good chance that it’s the ‘upgrading / building # new reports’ line which causes discussion, and which is a reason for customers to cancel the whole project. This is where Document Creator can be of great help. With the built-in Classic Report converter you can start by simply taking the old reports, convert them, and move on in NAV 2015/2016/2017 a few minutes later.

Join the club

Big names in the NAV industry already switched from RDLC to DCR. Perhaps it is time for you to join Western Computer, SCS Dynamics, TSO Data, Prodware, Cegeka and Abecon. Not convinced yet? Martijn Knevel: “If you want we can hook you up with one of these partners so you can hear from them what they have to say about Document Creator.”

Meet us at Directions

“Whether you have questions, you want to see a demonstration, or just to have a talk about Document Creator or any of our other products. You are more than welcome to join us at our booth. And, we will also host an ISV session during which we will demonstrate the product.”

Can’t wait? Feel free to download the trial version at