Announcement Document Creator 3.25 SP1 and Document Creator 3.30

Document Creator 3.25 SP1

Planned: 20 February 2017

The next fixes/features will be implemented:

  • Empty Page fix
    If DCR is supplied with a completely empty dataset no empty page will be printed anymore.
  • The preview Save formats “Excel 2007 file…/Microsoft Word 2007 file…/PowerPoint 2007 file…” will be renamed to “Excel 2007 (and up) file… /Microsoft Word 2007 (and up) file… /PowerPoint 2007 (and up) file…”
    DCR325 preview save formats
  • The Save options will be supplied with a default filename (being the Report Name).
  • When a column name in the report dataitem has the same name as a linked dataitem to the regarding dataitem an error occures.
    A clear error message wil be provided:
    DCR325 error message
  • A new Report Event will be supllied for printer output tray selection during page rendering. This will supply us with the possibility dynamically a paper tray per page during page rendering. This feature will also be used by the Classic Report Converter in the conversion of Classic Reports where dynamic printer output tray selection is used.